Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thing #21

I Love My Boys!

Podcasts and Videocasts: I really enjoyed using Photostory to create my first videocast of my two sons. The first thing I learned about this "Thing" is that it is a Windows application, so I couldn't use my MacBook Pro laptop to create my videocast. Luckily for me, I also have a Dell PC at home! Garage Band and iMovie are available on my laptop, and I would like to play with these Apple applications so that I can create more videocasts. I tried to download a song from my iTunes music library to add background music, but I had some difficulty opening up the song I wanted to use. Instead, I created a song using the prerecorded music available on Photostory.

Even though I really like this application, I am having some issues processing my videocast onto my blog. After waiting for almost five hours and reading "processing video" on the computer screen, I have given up and published this post so that I can finish my 23 Things! I really wanted to show off my two sons to my blog followers! ARG!

Nevertheless, I want to use Photostory to create book trailers for the novels I teach to my students and add my voice for narration. My school librarian used MovieMaker to create a videocast of the library to use during her library orientation. This videocast introduces the students to the library staff and shows the locations of the different book genres. It also explains the library procedures and guidelines to the students as well. When I become a librarian, I would like to use this idea as well so that I can show the students and staff that the library is a welcoming place for everyone.


  1. I initially had trouble uploading my Photostory. After trying for 2 days, I finally went back into the WP3 file, resaved it again as a WMV file, and it finally uploaded. Maybe there was a glitch the first time I saved. Don't give up. Keep trying. I look forward to seeing it.

  2. 90% of the loading issue are just exactly what BJ said...did you save it as an wmv because if you did not it will never load!
    The i-movie on the Mac would be an equal need to the PS to load so contact me or see if someone can help you when you get to class.
    You have some great plans for the digital stories no matter the format so keep learning!