Friday, April 16, 2010

Thing #17

Rollyo: After reading some of my classmates' blog posts about their experiences using Rollyo, I was excited to learn more about this Web 2.0 application. I wanted to learn how to create my own Rollyo so that my students can locate the websites I want them to view without wasting valuable class time searching for them on their own. I will have to admit that I was a bit confused on how to access this application when I first started reading the information provided on Library2Play, but I felt more confident about what to do after watching the video clip posted by a former L2P player. I will be teaching House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton to my pre AP students next month, so I created my own Rollyo search engine for my co-workers and students. It contains a couple of interactive websites for the students to use to learn more about the Underground Railroad as well as a couple of curriculum guides for my co-workers to review. Rollyo is definitely an application I would like to continue to use!

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