Sunday, April 11, 2010

Thing #14

Technorati and How Tags Work: I understand how tags work, thanks to Thing #13 and, but this "Thing" left me feeling frustrated. I tried to look up "School Library 2.0" as a keyword search on Technorati, but I did not have any results. I also did not have any luck looking at Technorati's popular blogs and widgets because it is temporarily unavailable.
There also seems to be a debate among computer programmers regarding who should be able to tag. Some people believe that users should be able to create their own tags, but others think that the publishers should be the ones to tag their work. I would rather be the one to tag what interests me. The only exception would be on Flickr. If it wasn't for the tags, I could lose track of time looking at all of the wonderful photography people have posted on that website!


  1. Lynali:

    I agree with you! I was very frustrated as well. I also read about the debate, and you have summed it up nicely. For articles, I want to tag, for pictures, the given tags help. I realize that someone has to do the initial tagging to find the articles, but to do it to gain ranking is not what this is about. Thanks for the good insight.

  2. Lynali,
    I was very frustrated as well! I agree with you that it would take forever with photos. I get sidetracked as well looking at photos.