Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thing #15

Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and the Future of Libraries: Library 2.0 involves interaction between the librarian and the patrons. This includes face-to-face interaction as well as virtual interaction, which is Web 2.0. I agree with Rick Anderson's blog post when he stated that librarians need to learn to adapt to today's changing world of technology. Since many people use the internet to access information, many people believe libraries are just a place to store books. Librarians need to be knowledgeable of Web 2.0 applications so that they can interact with their patrons and keep people interested in utilizing the library. Michael Stephens points out that librarians need to keep its patrons in mind when using technology. Librarians need to select technology that would be beneficial to the users as well as show these people how to use this technology. I agree with Stephens when he stated the future of libraries depends on how people access, create, and utilize information. LIbrarians will need to teach people how to become effective users of all information available to them, whether it is found in a book or on the internet.


  1. Always on the lookout for new ideas. What is one way you might convince others that the library is about more than just books these days? Is it a problem at your school?

  2. I would promote the library at faculty and department meetings to make them aware of the different technology applications that are available. I would conduct workshops to help the teachers learn how these Web 2.0 applications can be beneficial in their lessons. I feel that my school library is not utiilized enough because the only time I see classes in there is to check out books. There have been times where classes are using the library for research, but it doesn't happen that often.