Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thing #19

Web 2.0 Awards List: I have been curious to learn how to use Twitter, so I took the "Twitter 101" tour available on its website. Twitter is a quick communication tool used by millions of people for professional and personal reasons. Similar to Facebook, one can post a message up to 140 characters, which includes punctuation and spaces, to let others know what you're doing. Businesses use Twitter to let their customers know more about their products, and customers can contact them to get advice on how to use their products and offer feedback. People also use it for personal reasons, such as keeping in contact with their family and friends, and some even follow their favorite celebrities' activities on Twitter. Libraries could use Twitter to promote new books and author visits, and teachers could use Twitter to post their assignments. I would probably use Twitter for personal reasons right now, but I would need to find out how my school district feels about using this Web 2.0 application for professional reasons.

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  1. I will go check out the Twitter info. I am still struggling with understanding Twitter!