Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thing #9

Useful Library -Related Blogs and News Feeds: After using all of the search tools recommended on Library2Play, I thought the Google Blog Search and the Edublogs' award winners were the easiest ones to use. I subscribed to The Book Whisperer's blog as well as the Reading Countess's blog. My READ 180 supervisor, who is also a good friend of mine, has sent these blog posts to the READ 180 teachers to keep us motivated and offer good advice to help us in our classrooms. I wasn't able to open School Library Blogs on Suprglu, but I still made a hyperlink to see if you have better luck opening it! I found some interesting blog posts on Technorati. I learned that the SXSW event is not just about music, but it also includes film and technology. I also found an interesting post about how Facebook was used to help track down a burglar in Massachusetts! The topics are endless!


  1. Were you bothered at all by the amount info on Technorati? I found it to be a bit much. I appreciate the value of tags for simplification but I would almost rather deal with the more complex than a list of simplified words that may or may not be accurate to what I am looking for in my search. Technorati is great for fishing but not for hunting information.

  2. It didn't really bother me. However, I would probably use Technorati more for my personal interests than for class research projects.