Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #7

Cool Google Tools: WOW! I never knew Google has so many functions!! I have always used it as a search engine, but its applications are endless. One of my friends uses Picasa Web Albums to share his vacation photos, and my older son uses iGoogle as his computer homepage. I know the Google Earth application is available on the Katy ISD computers, and I like how it can be used to view galaxies, historical images, and ocean floors. I have only used it to view my neighborhood! LOL
I wish I would have discovered the Google Scholar application earlier when I was working on my professional reference list for Dr. Claes's class earlier this month! However, I did find some interesting articles to help me with my final group presentation for Dr. Bishop's class :-) I also explored Google Advanced Search and found a really good powerpoint that I can use in my upcoming novel unit in my academic reading classes, Where the Red Fern Grows. All of these Google applications are wonderful tools to help students locate various resources to help them with their studies.

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