Friday, March 19, 2010

Thing #8

RSS Feeds and Readers: I always wondered what RSS meant, and now I know it stands for "Really Simple Syndication". After viewing the RRS in Plain English videoclip, I realize what an useful tool this can be for teachers and librarians. By subscribing to Google Reader, I am able to follow my favorite blogs and websites much easier. I have subscribed to the following blogs: Never Ending Search (The School Library Journals' blog) , Blue Skunk (Doug Johnson's blog), 2 Cents Worth (David Warlick's blog), Goddess of YA Literature (Teri Lesesne's blog), and A Library By Any Other Name (Vaughn Branom's blog :-)
I can use RRS and Google Reader to help me keep up with the latest book reviews and current events without the hassle of opening up numerous websites or using a search engine. I think of it as an updated version of Bookmarks!


  1. Aren't those Common Craft videos so helpful?

  2. I like your idea of choosing RSS feeds for book reviews. I had not thought of that application.

  3. Thanks for talking about The Book Whisper's blog. I have read her book and loved it! Of course I had to start following her blog