Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thing #3

Set Up a Blog and Make an Avatar--I am probably one of the last ones in the class to create my blog! I asked some of my friends to help me brainstorm some clever titles for my blog, and they did a great job! I love "Metaphors Be With You!" I love the connection to my specialty, language arts, and Star Wars! I thought I would have trouble creating my avatar, but it was actually pretty easy, thanks to the user friendly directions provided on the Library2Play and Yahoo websites. I tried to make my avatar look like Princess Leia! Now I'm ready to register my blog and tackle the next "Thing" on the list!


  1. don't you think it makes it easier (and more fun) to learn something when you are allow to let your personality be a part of the project!

  2. Vaughn, I definitely agree! We are all learning here, but through different "lenses."

    Lynali, I love your blog title and avatar. Fun and creative!